Flourishing families of cheetah

Grumeti · February 2018
By George David Tolchard
Head Guide

What a great month February was for cheetah sightings! We had a total of 46 sightings.

young cheetah cub - Singita Serengeti

About two weeks old, this cheetah cub was all fluff and cuddles. (Photo by Mark Nicholson)

Towards the beginning of the month Jimmy and his guests came across a female and her three tiny cubs, that were only about two weeks old. Again the area was zoned to allow them the best chance of making it. Then in the last week of the month we came across them again, all still looking cute and cuddly but still too young to view, but I did manage to get these shots of them.

During this time another of our guides, Francis, came across another female with two cubs of a similar age. It is so wonderful to see that the cheetah population is in such a great state at the moment.

Several different males have been seen across the concession, which have also been seen hunting and making kills numerous times. Their main prey species has been Thompson’s gazelles. On two occasions they were seen taking young warthogs.

By George David Tolchard
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